Logo Guidelines & Download

The Basics

We love that you’re part of this district, and we want to make it easy for you to use our logo in the best way possible. This little guide will explain the basic design elements, and how to best use them.

The district logo is our unifying symbol for the 320+ churches that call the Western Ontario District home. As such, it’s important to appear unified in our approach to how we use the logo, and by extension, the district brand. Here are a few principles for using the district logo well.


We set out to create a design that communicated clearly who we are, who we represent, and who we serve. The goal was to make it recognizable and memorable. The overall shape is representative of the province of Ontario, while the treatment of the shape is to pull from the principles and philosophy of origami. Simplicity, cleanliness, intentionality, and precision all focussed on the collective unity of the Western Ontario District of PAOC. It is represented by one sheet of paper, with different folds and angles and edges, shadows and highlights. Different in so many ways, but on the most fundamental level, we are one.

Clear Space & Minimum Size

When you’re using the logo with other graphic elements, make sure you give it some room to breathe. The empty space around the logo should be at least the width and height of the wordmark “W”. To ensure the logo maintains its visual impact, do not go any smaller than 64 pixels wide.

64 px


Where it Goes

Both versions of the main logo have subtle gradients, with hard edged shadows suggesting depth to the folds. There is a blue version that is to be used on all white and light backgrounds, and can also be used on black and very dark backgrounds. The white version of the logo is to used on backgrounds that have midtone values where the blue logo doesn’t show well. The white version of the logo may also be used on dark and black backgrounds.



It’s all too easy for a logo to be improperly used. “It’s not a big deal.” “It’s only a logo.” “We serve Jesus, not some rules about a logo.” We’ve heard it all. Let’s be clear, though … The image we present has an impact on people, especially on the younger generations. When we’re not consistent, when our message is unclear, we appear to be in a state of confusion. The world knows this. We need to have the same intentionality about how we present this logo to the world (keep in mind it’s a representation of us as a district) as how we represent our lives to the world. It’s a high calling, so let’s take it seriously.

Do Not Outline


Do Not Rotate


Do Not Change Icon


Do Not Add Drop Shadow


Do Not Modify Colour


Do Not Use Old Logo


Do Not Bevel Or Emboss


Do Not Distort


Do Not Use Wordmark As Logo


Icons & Small Logos

We have two versions of a circle icon that can be used on posters and photographs to help represent the district association, as well as three different colours of a small, clear-line version of the logo. Feel free to use any of these in whatever way works best for you, so long as you follow the principles set out in the Misuse section above.


District Logo Downloads

Blue Version


Reversed White Version


Blue Icon

White Icon

Tiny Logo Black


Tiny Logo Blue


Tiny Logo White