Crisis Partners

The Crisis Partners fund was established for the purpose of meeting special needs considered to be a crisis for local churches and / or credential holders which fall outside the normal Western Ontario District operating funds.  In turn, this creates a unique area of ministry where churches or individuals can literally “partner” with these that are in crisis by means of financial gifts.

Each year, the District Superintendent will appeal to the partners giving short explanation of the crisis situations that may include: health and safety issues, repairs or improvements to churches or pastoral dwellings, or other exceptional circumstances.

As a Crisis Partner, you make a big difference in our Western Ontario District. In this new season of Regeneration, we continue to care for church emergencies in our district because you give financially and prayerfully. We are presently facing some urgent needs:


Pastor Colin Kanate and our congregation in Weagamow Lake needs the replacement of their front doors of the church building. Although, the total cost to replace the doors is $10,000, only $1,500 is required for the completion.


Over the last number of months, Pastor Daniel Dihele and his congregation were caught “between a rock and a hard place”. With the need to vacate their leased facility quickly, they excitedly located a facility of over 11,000 square feet and signed a lease that potentially can serve as their church home for up to 21 years. The building began as an open warehouse but with the owner’s permission, construction began to accommodate offices, classrooms, hallways, a 300-seat sanctuary, a kitchen and a subleased area. Nearly $70,000 has been raised and they have been working around the clock to complete this project.

Part of the renovations required the installation of a three-unit HVAC system. Two of the units were repurposed from the owner as long as the congregation committed to the cost of moving the units. An agreement was reached to have a new (third) unit installed. We would like to help this congregation with the cost of moving and installing the three units at a cost of $8,000.


Located in an isolated community within our Northern Region, Chapleau Pentecostal Church has incredible influence in their community. Pastor Dan Lee has served the church and community for over 30 years. Their building has been in need of a roof repair for a couple of years; however, now this need has become urgent. This coming winter, there is a danger of collapse due to snow load weight. Being a former supermarket, the flat-style roof has a slow slope, which can be difficult to repair. Although the estimated costs were over $70,000, thanks to a number of contacts within WOD, Pastor Dan was able to partner with Stan Nissley, a contractor from the New Life Assembly in Sioux Lookout, along with other churches, such as: Northview in Peterborough. These partners donated some of the materials and labour reducing the total repair bill by over $50,000. We believe $12,000 would help to complete this replacement well.


Echo Bay is a rural northern community just south of Sault Ste. Marie. Pastor Luigi Fontana and his growing family have served their community well. This family lives in a small parsonage that is in desparate need of a new heating system. Currently, the parsonage is heated, solely, by electric heat. The cost to put in ductwork and a furnace is over $10,000 but a contractor has been secured who is willing to donate much of his time and bring the bill down to $3,000. Before winter, it is our desire to install this new heating source and bless the Fontana family.

Your participation as a Crisis Partner is necessary to meet these needs. Please consider contributing to bless these PAOC church families.

Lorrie H. Gibbons
District Superintendent