Credential Health

What is Counselling?

Counselling deals with issues that are negatively affecting the quality of life of an individual. These issues may relate to personal growth and struggle which may manifest in depression, shame, fear, low self-value, stress, burnout, addictions, anxiety or loneliness. With relational issues, the client may be experiencing emotional / mental pain, rejection, abuse, loss, conflict or marital issues. Spiritual issues such as a faith crisis, fear, doubt, confusion, warfare may be affecting the client’s relationship with God and their ministry. The goal of counselling is to offer support, encouragement, challenge to assist and promote growth and healing and freedom in Christ. This transpires in a trusting, confidential relationship between a client and a trained professional.

Frequently Asked Questions

From the counsellor list, select the counsellor you feel would be best for you based on location and their credentials. Call the counsellor directly, identify yourself as a credential holder of the Western Ontario District of The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada and request an appointment. Additionally, feel free to contact Tom Colwell (Credential Health Network Director) at 1-519-977-3277 should you have questions about the counsellors.

Contact Tom Colwell (Credential Health Network Director) at 1-519-977-3277 and he will be most pleased to take time with you.

Be assured your confidentiality is paramount; therefore, safeguards have been put in place to protect your information. If your situation is one in which subsidy has been requested of the Western Ontario District, there may be situations that arise when a counsellor feels it necessary to connect with Tom Colwell. Your situation will be referred to by a client number only. Therefore, your written consent is mandatory if any personal information is released.

Prior to requesting financial assistance for counselling, the Western Ontario District asks you to make use of any insurance coverage you may have. If you do not have any coverage or more help is needed, the district has a designated fund for such requests.

Assistance may be approved for WOD credential holders, spouses or immediate family members up to $120 per hour for the first six sessions. The counsellors who are members of our network have been provided with a Fees Subsidy Application and guidelines. The amount that you pay will be based on a sliding fee scale. The counsellor submits the Fees Subsidy Application and invoice to the district office for payment following completed sessions.

When you call the counsellor to make an appointment, you will need to identify yourself to the counsellor. The counsellor, when accepting you as a client, will contact Tom Colwell (or his assistant) to obtain a coded file number. When the counsellor sends in an invoice (less any deductions) to the district, the only information on the account is the file number. (Never is any personal information exchanged.)

In all subsidy situations, the counsellor has been requested to submit a written summary/recommendation to Tom Colwell after session five in which it is to be explained (without disclosing your name) why additional sessions are needed. Tom Colwell will communicate approval/disapproval directly to the counsellor once a decision has been made. The extension of subsidized sessions is a maximum of four totalling 10 sessions in all.


Counsellors are to assist with crisis management (ie. a sudden death in the church, a serious trauma, to family or congregation member). Tom Colwell can direct you to other resources, such as workshops, marriage seminars or retreats. Please visit the Credential Health Network Resources page for a list of helpful options.

WOD Approved Counsellors

Esther Allison Esther Allison Counselling Fergus 519-803-8464
Mr. Richard (Rick) Carrol Family Life Ministries Brantford 519-732-5882
Mr. Dan Watterworth Bayridge Counselling Centres Hamilton 905-319-1488
Ms. Irene Cirella York and Bay Counselling Centre Hamilton 289-337-5363
Mr. Dick Degraaf Dick Degraaf - Private Counselling Kitchener 519-570-1894
Mr. Peter Dikih Dikih Counselling and Leadership Support Services Thorndale 519-461-1221
Mr. Paul Douglass Paul Douglass Counselling Timmins 705-268-2500
Dr. Marta Durski Durski Counselling Oakville 905-849-4242
Ms. Judy Emmerson Emmerson Counselling Services Burlington 905-867-8980
Ms. Eliane Gervais Eliane Gervais - Private Counselling Smooth Rock Falls 705-338-2163
Dr. Marion Goertz Marion Goertz - Marriage Family and Sex Therapist Toronto 416-218-6722
Ms. B. Adriana Gorski Affinity Counselling Sudbury 705-525-0505
Dr. Wendy Hofman Veritas Counselling Centre Burlington 905-330-0493
Mr. Tim Kahtava Northshore Family Centre Sault Ste. Marie 705-945-6101
Mr. Murray Kingwell Family Life Ministries Brantford 519-732-5882
Mr. Brian Maxwell Brian Maxwell Counselling Huntsville 705-789-3171
Mr. Ellis Nicolson Ellis Nicolson and Associates Mississauga 416-358-0290
Dr. Cheryl Noble Dr. Cheryl Noble and Associates Markham 905-201-1859
Mrs. Elaine Olson EO Insights Counselling Services Ilderton 519-666-3665
Mr. John Schurmann Schurmann Counselling & Life Coaching Markham 905-944-1711
Dr. Elizabeth (Libby) Skidmore Elizabeth Skidmore - Private Counselling Leamington 519-326-7100
Mr. Robert (Bob) Smiciklas Bob Smiciklas - Family Life Counselling Leamington 519-980-4996
Dr. Maureen Smith-Grant Emmaus Counselling Centre Cambridge 519-621-6310
Mr. George Sukhdeo Emerge Christian Counselling Ltd. Brampton 416-460-4134
Mrs. Kristin Vandermolen Bayridge Counselling Centre Oakville 905-319-1488
Rev. Cheryl Ettinger-Neal Ettinget-Neal Counselling Services Burlington 905-340-0431
Mr. Terry Whitfield Master Plan Services Freelton 289-679-0176
Ms. Esanju Bonga Southern Ontario Counselling Centre St. Agatha 519-746-2323
Ms. Ann Stocker Institute of Family Living Toronto 416-487-3613 x209
Mr. Murray Oppertshauser Opperthauser and Associates Waterloo 519-888-9550