The mission of the Western Ontario District 50+ Ministries is to: Include, Instruct, Involve and Invest 50+ adults for the purpose of helping them become mature disciples of Jesus Christ.


1) Every 50+ Adult has the right to a presentation of the Gospel at his/her level of understanding.
2) Every 50+ Adult needs a Biblical moral compass to guide and protect him/her throughout life.
3) Every 50+ Believer has unique gifts to be developed and used to strengthen the church.
4) Every 50+ Believer has a purpose in advancing the global mission of the church of Jesus Christ.

In 1976, 7.6 million of Canada’s population were 50+. Beginning in 1996 and continuing until the year 2012, an additional 9.8 million Canadians (Baby Boomers born between 1946 and 1964) will turn 50. This totals about 17.4 million Canadians age 50 and over. Since people are living healthier and longer, it is quite conceivable that the majority of those who are currently in their 60’s to 80’s will be still living. Statistics Canada projects that the population of Canada in 2012 will be between 34 and 35 million. Since the fertility rate is currently 1.6 which is well below the replacement rate of 2.1, the majority of this population increase will be accounted for through immigration and longevity of life. Thus, it is quite conceivable that by the year 2012, close to 50% of Canada’s population could be aged 50 and over.

The “over 55” age group is growing numbers three times faster than the population at large. There are more people over 65 than under 18 in Canada.

Psychologist, Gerontologist and Aging authority, Ken Dychtwald says: “Maturity is about to undergo a revolution like nothing the world has ever seen.”

Some churches assume that people in their “50+” years either are not interested or can’t do much in the area of ministry. This assumption is totally wrong. Setting up “seniors” lunches, Bible studies, and travel opportunities are just serving the 50+ crowd, not mobilizing them for service.

There is an enormous ministry potential sitting in our pews. Let’s not miss it.

We’ve added years to life, now we must add life to those years! Psalms 90:12 states, “Teach us to number (add significance to) our days.